June 25, 2010

FDEP meets with CDD and Public Works personnel to discuss a timeframe for submittal of the remedial action plan. Because construction plans had been placed on hold due to the recession, the two groups agreed to compromise on a continued monitoring schedule:

“The six monitoring wells on the property would be sampled and analyzed for Arsenic on a semi-annual schedule (August & February) for five (5) years, with a Natural Attenuation Monitoring Report submitted for review within sixty day of the sampling date… A supplement to the RAP, to follow, would include a plan to address impacted soils (sampling of soils, and including a pilot test mixing of impacted and clean soils for example), or other method of remediation to be conducted once development of the associated 1,100 acre property commenced… We accepted the compromise proposal as impacted soils do not appear to be leaching, the groundwater exceedances are insignificant considering the volume of impacted soil, and impacted groundwater was not migrating off-property.”