South Street Environmental Assessment

Project Documents

South Street Lime Residual Cleanup Options - July 30, 2018


Letter from City to FDEP regarding April testing results


FDEP letter to city – May 15, 2018


Lime Removal and Disposal Plan submitted to FDEP on May 2, 2018


City response to FDEP letter dated March 12, 2018


South Street Public Meeting - January 25, 2018


FDEP Response to Phase 1 Progress Report - January 24, 2018

Environmental Assessment of South Street Presentation to City Council - January 16, 2018

GFA International Phase I Progress Report - January 12, 2018



South Street Weekly Updates


Letter from City Manager

 Certified Laboratory Reports


GFA International Site Assessment Work Plan


Summary of South Street Site Assessment Work Plan


Substance Testing Lists


Letters from Environmental Protection Agency


Letters from Florida Department of Environmental Protection


Press Releases


Historical Aerial Photos from 1944 to 2016


Letters to Residents and Property Owners










City of Fort Myers | South Street Environmental Assessment

South Street

Environmental Assessment